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Our Mission

New Syrian Human (NSH) is a leading Syrian/International organization that specializes in people-driven and empowerment-based community building. Founded in 2014 in response to the Syrian civil war, NSH has since been empowering Syrians to heal, transform, and rebuild their communities in Syria and around the world.

​​Using our people-driven, empowerment-based model of community-building, we integrate the local and the international to identify existing leverages of change in local communities (leaders and institutions) and empower them to catalyze organic, cost-effective, and sustainable processes of change that impact not only individuals, communities, structures, and cultures. In everything that we do, our mission is build the New Syrian Human: empowered, healed, and an active agent of change


What Makes Us Different

NSH stands out from the crowd in three ways.


We ask the people what they need.

We meet with and listen to community members to discuss their needs and determine how we can play a role in fulfilling those needs.


We empower the local community to make it happen.

Unlike others, we do not send a team of aid workers to implement our programs, but instead work with the existing community to create and implement programs.


Our projects are sustainable.

Because we rely on local community members and only fund our programs once, NSH projects are sustainable over the long term and are not dismantled as soon as our involvement decreases.