• The Library

    NSH Library includes valuable resources that have informed and inspired our work. Feel free to browse and download/purchase what you find helpful.

    Paivio & Pascual-Leone (purchase on Amazon)

    EFTT is one source of inspiration behind our signature Community-based Emotion-focused Trauma Therapy (CBEF).
    In this book, the authors plumb fifteen years of research involving clinical trials, observation and analysis of therapy sessions, as well as their own extensive clinical experience to describe precisely how emotion-focused therapy for trauma works to heal complex trauma.
    The theory and practice of EFT is brilliantly described in this volume. Specific techniques for working with clients feelings are clearly explained, along with brief and useful example dialogues. The authors are exceedingly well read and describe how the techniques introduced may be similar in some respects to therapeutic interventions from other modalities. An extremely practical book and convincing framework that will refine the skills needed to help clients work through the powerful emotions associated with the aftermath of interpersonal trauma. Astounding research and well articulated.

    David Hooker (Free download)

    The THH framework looks at historical injustices and their present manifestations through the lens of trauma and identifies the mechanisms for the transmission of historical trauma: legacies and aftermaths.

    The framework then offers a comprehensive approach to transforming historical harms through Facing History; Making Connections; Healing Wounds; and Taking Action.

    David Hooker (Purchase on Amazon)

    The Little Book Transformative Community Conferencing will prove valuable and timely to mediators, restorative justice practitioners, community organizers, as well as leaders of peacebuilding and change efforts. It presents an important, stand-alone process, an excellent addition to the study and practice of strategic peacebuilding, restorative justice, conflict transformation, trauma healing, and community organizing.