• Who We Are

    New Syrian Human (NSH) is a leading Syrian/International nonprofit organization that provides Community-based Trauma-therapy, Peacebuilding, and Empowerment to Syrians in Syria and around the world. Founded in 2014 in response to the Syrian civil war, NSH has since been empowering Syrians to heal, transform, and build their communities in Syria and around the world. NSH is registered as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity in the USA.


    Our Mission

    The New Syrian Human is, above all, an active catalyst of positive change in her/his local community, a community that is enabled, empowered, and capable of leading its own processes of change.


    By integrating the local and the international, and given our unique model of giving more to the people, we identify and empower strategic leverages of change to heal, transform, and build their communities in democratic, sustainable, and nonviolent ways.

    Because our projects are locally-led, systemic, and evidence-based, we successfully catalyze communal processes of change that create a life-changing and sustainable collective impact.

  • The New syrian Human Team

    The diversity of our team reflects our commitment to integrating the resources of the local and international to achieve measurable and sustainable community-level change.

    Jude Ash

    Founding Chair & CEO

    Jude Ash (Syria) is a peace and human rights activist with over a decade of experience working with trauma-afflicted communities in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the US.

    During his time in the field, he founded and led several initiatives including the Psychosocial Support Department at the Syrian Red Crescent (2009) and the first E-newspaper to publish in the Syrian spoken language (InSyrian, 2016). In 2014, and in response to the Syrian civil war, he founded New Syrian Human, a Syrian-International nonprofit that provides community-based trauma therapy, empowerment, and peacebuilding services to Syrians.

    Jude holds a Bachelor in Engineering from Syria and a MA in Peace Studies from Notre Dame, where he is currently a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and Peace Studies.

    Sarah Hunaidi

    Founding Member of the Board

    Sarah Hunaidi (Syria) is a Syrian writer, women's rights advocate and human rights activist. She has worked for several years with refugee children in Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey and has extensive experience in Psychosocial Support and Gender-based issues. Sarah is currently pursuing her BA at Depaul University in Chicago, USA.

    Contact: sarah.hunaidi@gmail.com

    Fr. Daniel Groody

    Founding Member of the Board

    Daniel G. Groody (USA) is a Catholic priest, a Holy Cross religious, a scholar, teacher, and an award winning author and film producer. He is currently an Associate Professor of Theology and the Director of Immigration Initiatives at the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He has worked with the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the World Council of Churches, and the Vatican on issues of theology, globalization, and migration.

    Contact: dgroody@nd.edu

  • Our Guiding Principles

    New Syrian Human is a principle-based organization. We look up to our guiding principles like guiding stars so we may never go astray.

    Transformation From Within

    Nurturing local ownership and leadership is consistent with the Paris Declaration on assistance effectiveness (2005). In addition, recent research has shown that project are successful when they adopt “politically smart, locally led approaches, adapting the way they worked in order to support iterative problem-solving and brokering of interests by politically astute local actors” (Booth and Unsworth, 2014).

    NSH seeks to integrate the resources and expertise of outsiders (research skills, standards of quality, funds, etc.) with the assets and capacities of insiders (social networks, knowledge of local language and culture, access, etc.) to develop contextually-appropriate, culturally-aware, and politically-smart strategies for pursuing locally-led transformation initiatives. At NSH, we adopt a non-centralized approach and work closely with local teams to empower local communities to lead their own civil and democratic processes of change, thereby ensuring macro-level and sustainable change.

    As a result of this policy, the cost-per-beneficiary for NSH projects is significantly less than most other agencies in the field.


    System Thinking

    NSH acknowledges that societies are complex and dynamic systems and that simplistic, culture- and conflict-blind projects are not only inefficient, but possibly dangerous. Powered by our local teams, NSH is fully integrated into local communities. Before designing a project, we conduct comprehensive conflict-assessments to avoid exacerbating power-imbalances. Furthermore, we conduct thorough communal assessments to accurately identify local needs and conduct project design workshops to design holistic and systemic change initiatives that are culture-sensitive and locally-led.

    Evidence-based Programming

    At NSH, we design projects that employ proven theories of change that are backed by extensive research and supported with years of field-work. We are a dynamic, continuously learning organization. If we claim a project will work, you can be sure we have powerful evidence to back up our claims.

    More To The People

    By involving targeted communities in the design and implementation of projects, and relying on extensively trained local teams of volunteers, NSH dramatically manages to cut costs and is able to reach more people and implement higher-quality projects with less funding.

    NSH utilizes a non-centralized approach that relies on sustainable local teams in targeted communities, thereby minimizing core operational costs. In regards to recruitment, NSH uses a community-based recruitment approach, and prioritizes local people. This recruitment policy helps build the capacity of the local community, provide jobs for members of the local community, and promotes sustainability and community ownership.

    As a result of this policy, we can guarantee that over 90% of all donations and funding goes directly to the people in need. Unlike many organizations, this 90% does NOT include any salaries for our staff or other overhead expenses.