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We catalyze organic, cost-effective, and sustainable processes of change that impact individuals, communities, structures, and cultures and build the new Syrian human.

Better Life Caravan

Turkey, 2014 

Our first project, the "Better Life Caravan" was our first success story. For less than $25,000, we piloted our signature trauma-therapy program which combines Lay Therapy with Emotion-focused Therapy to heal the wounds of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Narlica, Turkey. The project resulted in tangible and documented positive change, trained dozens of community leaders as community-based trauma therapists, and helped found our first local partner, the Narlica Association for Syrian Aid, which stands today, more than two years after we left, and provides pivotal services to more than 45,000 Syrian refugees in Narlica.


She Is Not Alone

Turkey, 2016 

Female torture survivors often face intense stigma in their home communities as a result of their harrowing experiences. Some torture survivors face divorce by their husbands and shunning by their families, leading them to be unable to support their families. With less than $10,000, we transformed the lives of three Syrian female torture survivors by helping them start and run their own grocery shop, a sustainable business from which they can support themselves and their children, while empowering a community of women in a Syrian refugee populated area in Southern Turkey.


Better Life Learning Center 

Empowered by our SINA I project, Maryam, one of the Syrian torture survivors who received the She Is Not Alone grocery store, has become inspired to help empower her community by creating a learning center for students of all ages. The center has provided a beginning education to Kindergarten students, college-prep courses to adolescents, and language courses to adults, while integrating peace-education, and trauma-therapy to its programs.