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    As a community-based organization, we rely on the support of local and international communities world-wide to run projects that change the lives of thousands. Donating money, time, or skill are some of the most concrete things you can do to help.

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    As a community-based organization, we believe everyone has something to offer. Here's how you can make a REAL difference in the lives of thousands of Syrians in need TODAY!

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  • Our work... your impact!

    Our track record speaks for us.

    She Is Not Alone (SINA) I

    Narlica, Turkey 2016

    With less than 10,000$, we transformed the lives of a group of Syrian female torture survivors, supported the local economy, and empowered women in a Syrian community in Southern Turkey by helping the women start up and run a grocery shop. Watch the video...

    Better Life Caravan (BLC) I

    Narlica, Turkey 2014

    Our first project, the "Better Life Caravan" was our first success story. For less than 25,000$, we piloted our signature trauma-therapy program which combines Lay Therapy with Emotion-focused Therapy to heal the wounds of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Narlica, Turkey. The project resulted in tangible and documented positive change, trained dozens of community leaders as community-based trauma therapists, and helped found our first local partner, the Narlica Association for Syrian Aid, which stands today, more than two years after we left, and provides pivotal services to more than 45,000 Syrian refugees in Narlica.

    Click here to watch a TV report about the Better Life Caravan I.

    Click here to download the project's final report.

    Better Life Learning Center (BLLC)

    Reyhanli, Turkey 2018

    Empowered by our SINA I project, Maryam, the Syrian torture survivor, has vowed to help empower the next generation in her community. With your help she has opened a learning center where children and adolescents are receiving college and school-prep courses, peace-education, and trauma-therapy.

  • Donate Money

    Money donations from generous supporters are extremely crucial to our work. As a community-based organization, we rely more on people like you who support our creative and unique projects through kind donations to create organic, cost-effective, and sustainable processes of change that impact individuals, communities, structures, and cultures and build the new Syrian human. Empowered, healed, and an active agent of change!

    Help us make a lasting impact on the lives of millions of Syrians. Donate securely now to make a lasting change on the lives of thousands of Syrians worldwide!

  • Fundraise for Syrians In need

    Our most inspiring success stories were only possible because of ordinary people who decided to mobilize and fundraise for Syrians in need. If you want to make a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds, and would like to organize a fundraiser for one of our projects (or for a project that you have in mind), let us know!

  • Volunteer!

    Our team of volunteers at South Bend, Indiana always has a place for people who are passionate about change. If you live nearby, and want to be part of the team that's going to change lives, we can't wait to meet you!